Thursday, July 13, 2006

lamestain, wack slacks, harsh realm & cob nobbler

can you name any great bands from COLORADO? i can and the first four lp's are simply amazing records, we are talking about...THE FLUID!

Sadly neglected in some weird way and completely denied the recognition they sorely deserved, the FLUID were so not grunge that they just got lost in the middle of the late 80's, early 90's. A shame really coz' i can still recall the blazing hot and frenzied shows at the central tavern and the vogue here in the emerald city fifteen plus years ago. i write this due to my not sure what to listen to last night and i went to the few records i have alphabetized and saw "clear black paper" (scum copy on blue vinyl) and threw on side 2. out comes "try, try, try" and i am immediately launched into the memory of the five members spazzing out with lead singer john robinson working the crowd like a chippendales dancer in front of a bachelorette party. god damn, these guys were so good it pushed me to write this today and seek out this

leave it to WFMU's awesome blog to have not one but two killer vid's for your pleasure. enjoy and now tell me about any other band from colorado and not the derelicts. please.


Jay said...

I saw this band many times during their lifespan, including a show at the aforementioned Vogue in Seattle and several in San Francisco. I think the WFMU guy overdoes it a bit; I had a blast at their shows when I was 21 but I doubt I could even fill up a 15-minute CD-R with great songs by The Fluid ("Static Cling", "Saccharine Rejection" and maybe "Try Try Try" as you say). To me they are a footnote from that era of 3-4 live shows per week and heavy drinking, but it's nice to be reminded of the era just the same.

Pipe Boy said...

I saw Fluid once in Hollywood. They're pretty much an also-ran from that era.

For Colorado, it's all about ANGEL HAIR and FRIENDS FOREVER.

tankwipe said...

What I liked best about seeing the Fluid live was the ratio of women to men was higher than most shows. Every time I saw them it was a good set people seemed entertained myself included. IMHO Roadmouth was their best album.

Hi pipe boy