Thursday, July 13, 2006

...and you'll be singing the blues

few records freak me out. even fewer impress me past that initial freak out point. ladies and gentlemen, all thirteen of you - i present to you, the GETO BOYS.

the night before last i am seeking out records to play and stumble on the fluid (see below) and then i move on over to "G" and here we have H-Town's finest - these guys were and still are like nobody else. willie d., scarface and the always preposterous bushwick bill. the record you see to your right is the notorious DEF AMERICAN record rick rubin put out and it was profane, crass and just that inane enough for me to write about today. every single song on this record offends someone, some thing in some way...women, men, white people, black people, gays, dogs, cats, you get the picture. the original release of this lp had samples that were later taken off due to steve miller not wanting his 'gangster of love' to be affiliated with the GETO BOYS version which heavily sampled from his 7t's shit song. i pulled out this monstrosity of a record and threw it on my turntable and the same feeling came over me...omigawd, this is so wrong yet so amazing. i can still remember sitting in my car listening to this on the way to smalls k.o. with betty and both of us just laughing from the hardness of it all. bushwick, scarface and willie d. wrote lyrics that were no doubt an expression of what they viewed and thought but this ain't no NWA or PUBLIC ENEMY yet it stands right up there with these two contemporaries. many cited this as just 'too much' - they were wrong. the cd (without the many obvious samples) is still in print and quite a bombastic thump.

Do it like a G.O.

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