Tuesday, July 11, 2006

folk music's bob dylan

my pal washburn is a never ending plethora of information about all kinds of things. i usually lean on him for info on music and it eventually gets to SPIRIT or some story about brian wilson - both very entertaining and lovely. he hates or at least i think he hates LEONARD COHEN. i don't, in fact, i love COHEN. for many reasons i love leonard cohen and many are sentimental (mccabe and mrs. miller, old girlfriends, etc). recently i was accused of loving a certain restaurant because of the memories attached to this fine establishment...wrong! the food is great there but i digress. i adore leonard cohen for many sentimental and sappy reasons but i also love him because he is a jew, he is a purported 'ladies man' and he has a sense of humor that translates in both his books and music. i once talked to him on the phone about something we shared (other than being jews and purported ladies men)- - our love of the show LOVE CONNECTION. i once had a friend that was his personal assistant...and it is a long story and not worth getting into that.

uh, i did go and see the new COHEN documentary "I'M YOUR MAN" about a month ago. at first i did not like it, then i liked it and back again to thinking it was empty to back to I WANT EVERYBODY TO SEE THIS. the fact this doc was made while lenny is still alive is testimony to the filmakers and the performances by antony, rufus and his sister martha are quite good but the winning performance is by cohen's back-up singers JULIE CHRISTENSEN and PERLA BATALLA doing a chilling and perfect version of "ANTHEM". yes there are some weirdo names including uber weirdo mel gibson and yes, U2 are in it but overall, this doc is worth it. ask me tomorrow, i might say stay away coz' i did leave thinking i wanted more anecdotes from COMMANDER COHEN.


CUNY Queen said...

hey kz---Leonard is not a jew- he's a buddist.

Jay said...

Is the Julie Christiansen that backs up Cohen the same Julie Christiansen from the Divine Horsemen???