Thursday, July 27, 2006

você fala o português? você foi a Brasil?

revivals or reunions of bands generally speaking do not peak my interest too much. soon seattle will see SCRATCH ACID perform and after seeing the line up for the Touch and Go anniversary show in Chicago, one wonders if possibly big black or the digits will follow suit and tour. dinosaur jr, pixies, your favorite eighties band, your favorite ninties band and your favorite music is happening all over again - good thing? i guess so only because i am older and realize it would be impossible to see certain bands/performers unless they actually do remake, remodel, reunite and play. i personally cannot dig up Thelonius Monk and bring him back to life so my 'wish list' will remain buried and never forgotten. still, last night i went to see OS MUTANTES perform. i am going to ask you first to check out this clip from you tube since it is vintage OS MUTANTES and clearly a lovely example of how damned great they are back in 1969. this clip features original singer Rita Lee who did not reunite with brothers Arnaldo and Sergio Baptista. Ms. Lee was missed due to 'completist' emotions but her substitute, pictured above, Zelia Dunkan did an outstanding job!! The entire show was an absolute joy in every way...a celebration of music nearly impossible to catagorize other than wonderful. They played all the songs everybody wanted to hear but the highlights for this dork was "Ando Meio Desligado" and the mesmerizing "FUGA #2" (just like the above you tube link). The encore of "Panis et Circenses" heralded a triumph for those who are weary about me.

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