Thursday, July 20, 2006

everybody's got to eat

over last week i had the worst cold in years. so much so that i barely did a thing beyond just sneezing and blowing my nose (and whining). the silver lining is that i went through a bunch of netflix rentals which is pleasing due to my sometimes and too often procrasternation. in one day i watched a personal fave again, "Mon Oncle" which was delightful in every way and i also watched a current hollywood movie, "The Matador" starring Pierce Brosnan. this movie was entertaining (remember, i had a BAD cold) and it kept me captivated but once again, pop music - or, punk rock music rears its head again in a movie completely out of the blue. without giving away the plot or revealing any spoilers to those who want to watch this fodder, "garbageman" by the cramps comes on...well, fantstic i think. all i can hope for is a big fat payday for Lux and Ivy of the Cramps for this entry into the soundtrack of what is a more mainstream film (read, hollywood). yes, the buzzcocks were on the toyota commerical, iggy has "lust for life" on a cruise ship commerical (dear god - sign of the apolcolypse?) but now this and i am quite sure many more to come. what this highlights to me is really the coming of punk rock integrated in every single way similar to the way hippie music/culture did sometime ago. i don't care, everybody has to eat.

but i just do not think i like seeing babies in ramones or dead boys t-shirts and that sort. punk rock families might disagree but i just don't want these kids to rebel against what their parents thought was cool when in fact, it is cool. babies just do not need punk rock t-shirts.

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Ben Calvin said...

I think it's demographics. Yesterday's punkers are today's Camry buyers. Or Avalon, as they're all pushing 50.

The Carnival "Lust for Life" cruise is a bit much though. Staterooms redecorated to look like the Chelsea Hotel, circa 1978? All-day herion buffet? CBGBs night in the Disco?