Friday, July 07, 2006

dub housing

have you ever been to sacremento? i have and that city sucks. the river is gross, the capitol building is not that exciting and it is hot [in a disgusting way] there. "sacto" is also the place where the seattle band the A FRAMES record their records so really, there is a saving grace. i only wish everybody would own all three of the A FRAMES records and all the 4t5's but even more so, see them live. this trio is really nothing to look at but they can make your insides move when playing/blasting live. i once thought they sounded an awful lot like the underappreciated and exceptional COWS, then other times they remind me of swell maps among many other bands but they always seem to have a certain distinction which makes them one of my favorite bands around in the last five plus years. the rhythm section are easily one of the best i have ever seen in my life and although they just got a new drummer (lars off to concentrate on his band - the rather incredible INTELLIGENCE - this new guy is keeping up with what could be the best bass player alive! damn it, these guys are great and not a bad lp out of the three they have put out. get their records now .

seriously, now.


Nat said...

I got called a fag by some dudes when I was in Sacramento once. I was playing basketball while wearing a pink t-shirt.

tankwipe said...

I've always said the best view of sacto is from the rearview mirror at 75 mph heading north on I-5.