Monday, October 02, 2006

harvey danger

one of the greatest pleasures in seattle is the frye art museum. hands down - this place is a real gem and has been for years and years. i used to live in the first hill neighborhood (which to this day is one of my very favorite neighborhoods) which shares digs with the frye. in my humble opinion, what makes a great museum or gallery is having an exceptional permanant collection and a cuturtorial staff that takes risks. that does not sound too difficult and the frye accompishes both. in the recent past, they have had some impressive shows, fairfield porter (a huge personal favorite), contemporary latino art, mark ryden, a performance by tracy and the plastics among many other fantastic shows and exhibits. it comes with great pleasure to once again sing the praises of the frye with the current showing of henry darger's work. if you know that name - well then stop reading and go or go again. if you don't and are kind of curious, go immediately! upon my second viewing yesterday, i got a moody feeling that was difficult to put my finger on. dargers work is impressive on many levels but what i got most from yesterday was the accessability and humbleness of it all. the entire time i was checking the panels and drawings out, i was holding a friends purse which anchored me - it seemed to have kept me steady while looking at mr. dargers "grand scheme". bring a purse, a bag or whatever and hold onto your thoughts and flow with this incredible show.

i plan on seeing it again before it leaves on october 29 to see what goes on in my noggin after another walk through. my last push: the frye is free, parking is free. this is seattle's museum!

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