Wednesday, October 18, 2006

happy happy joy joy!

as i write this entry..."you dropped the bomb on me" by the gap band is playing. what an insane song and it makes a great arguement to my bitching that the 80's produced some of the worse music ever. it did but this song is just so damn good! and to keep on the swing of things being so damn good, i am here to profess some shit that is just bringing it all together and working perfectly in this world of ours.

big star's third lp
pictures of my neice and nephew
pickled beets
my new iMac
vij's this last weekend
light rain during a walk
greil marcus, rebecca brown, deb caletti, c.rah, cupcake crumbling, harvest vine!
and this damn dog above who was next to me yesterday while driving up jackson @ rainer blvd

lucky me, lucky you!

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Anonymous said...


I love that song! You ever comimg to SF?

Janet Calvin