Tuesday, October 10, 2006

bobcat and dogs

last night i saw a great movie...and i think it was great for many reasons. i have a problem sometimes with movies in that the characters are so out of this world - like nobody does what they do and they seem completely out of the human realm of emotions and actions. "sleeping dogs lie" written by bobcat goldwait (yes, that guy) was a honest, unflinching and funnier than shit look at how complex we humans are. and i laughed my head off at the blackest of silliness and humor. the more and more i thought about the movie i came to the conclusion how i just saw an outstanding take on what people do with honesty, secrets and what one does with information one tells their girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, lovers, family and everybody inbetween. again, unflinching and simultaneously touching - this is the kind of movie hollywood can learn from. making characters who are so damned absurd yet share the same things we all share from day to day. and in the absurdity, we see oursleves so clearly and it allows us to laugh at ourselves knowing we all do things which we might regret but it is what makes us so very special. bobcat was at the screening and he was funny as hell too...go and see this movie. the cute girl in the picture is the lead in the movie and she was fantastic! i hope to see ms. melinda page hamilton in more movies soon - !

on a side note - have you ever seen somebody flossing during a movie? three seats away from me some guy was flossing away to his hearts content! my pal Ph spys this guy and elbows me to his attetion...two letters: Ew! she and i are already laughing at the movie and now "FLOSSIE" puts it to a whole different level. and as if that was not special enough, he left the floss on the floor after he and his fanny pack left the movie. lovely.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe I don't even get an honorable mention - as I am the one who spotted Mr. Flossy in the first place.

As if the gag reflex weren't already in full effect...

Anonymous said...

Much better. Gracias!