Thursday, October 05, 2006

advice? everybody has some...

what could be the best advice i have ever got was "don't forget to breathe". i was on the top floor of a church on 86th and Amsterdam - right around the corner of Barney Greengrass in the upper west side of manhattan. i got these wonderful four words from leon maitre my then yoga teacher while living in ny. at first those words muttered from this haitian guru seemed flip, then silly then highly prolific. we all get stressed and overwhelmed and one of the phenomenas that occur during these times is our breathing pattern changes - sometimes stops. not completely but we gasp and don't even know it. i don't want to sound quasi-zen here but i ask all of us to breathe deep. perfection. did y'all get that burrito and nap i asked you to do!?

so that leads me to my latest list of shit i am listening to these days. yesterday i got one of those things at the ballard goodwill >>> leo kottke. no, he ain't no john fahey (who i loooooooooove!) but he is still an exceptional geetar player. as of late i seem to be paying attention to aimee mann, ennio morricone, late seventies stones (black and blue, some girls), replacements, tribe called quest and if i get back my pedro almodovar soundtrack cd back from west seattle, i will go back and listen to that. no rush since i am never at lost on stuff to listen to. tonight i am digging out billy bragg, dengue fever, cecil taylor and maybe just maybe, something to dance to.

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