Tuesday, May 22, 2007

just a pawn out-played by a dominating queen

today i listened to the new spoon record (d/l right here y'all). i was told it is a "grower" and i agree. well stated and furthermore, great to just hear good songs, well written and assured. what does that have to do with running? not a lot but a great lead into my new venture.

i have a great friend who knows way too much. i mean, she is smarter than most, creative and has an incredible restrain about herself that i find very admirable for yours truly is learing the great art of shutting up these days. and frankly, i barely say a thing these days to anybody! i rarely call anybody on the phone, i don't seem to email people and see what's up and now i just don't seem to have it in me for any effort for people. i am already a selfish one and now it is at a different and higher level than ever. back to my pal - she came over recently although we watched a movie, we chatted about jogging and running in general. she's a runner and spoke about how running is so good for clearing your head. i don't fancy myself a runner or even close to but i am game so that is a new adventure for me. and running to a garage sale is my objective this weekend before heading over to the other side of the pass for some m.i.a., manu chau, bjork action. then when we do make it to this god damned music festival, maybe i will jog back to my car and sleep inside it. i don't know but running makes me feel i am moving faster than usual and that is an accomplishment! running from what? a medic girl shot!

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