Thursday, May 31, 2007

b and b and b

so, last night the spurs beat the utah jazz - my least favorite team east of the mississippi! and the spurs...boring. i mean, kinda. sure sure they are good, damn good too and i want to rally around them but how come? the easy answer for my friends who know me and my love (later i will get to that) of basketball is that of the lakers abscence beyond the first round - losing to the suns who also choked later. but the spurs? borrrrrrring. sorry, boring. genobli and duncan and frenchy parker cannot make me feel excited like the suns do or golden state did. instead, i get to see another year of san antonio win (they will) and it just rings of the nba sucking that much more. what happened? many things like 17 year olds getting drafted and ginormous contracts...sure but how about the fact the nba just has not progressed in any way whatsoever. do we all know too much about the players - the owners (hello cuban!) and pretty much everything? that too me is the problem and in this information society where we supposedly know more with the information at our fingertips...i wishing i knew less. i don't want to know what lebron's shoe contract is paying him - can't i just watch his mad skills? and the kids got 'em. in fact, go cav's! please, somebody other than the spurs so i can feel like i am not watching the same old shit called the nba. if the most exciting thing for me about this years playoffs is to watch kenny, sir charles, magic and ernie on tnt...well, that is sad.

tomorrow, more music. i promise. and baseball too!

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