Monday, May 21, 2007


a couple nights ago i watched american hardcore after many people in the know told me not to saying it is so bad. it was, and maybe worse. i just don't want this to be about what i saw vs. what the movie conveyed, instead i am just going to tell you that i am tired of punk rock as a lynchpin to a sub-culture 'unexplored'. i am soon to be forty-5 and if i hear anybody my age within fifteen years say "punk rock today is not the same. these people who call themselves punk rockers today are not...". how embarrassing. my first punk concert was 1978 (weirdos, plugz) and it was less than two years after that when i heard people seven or so years my senior telling me how punk was dead and gone. they were right and wrong but one thing for sure, i am not sure what is so nostalgic about punk rock right now or for that matter, the last five or so years!? punkers from the past are sounding more and more like hippies every turn of the documentary or countless book documenting the 'glory days'. whatever.

so, i am feeling this new hotshit band, pissed jeans so off to ballard to check them out. i love the guitar sound on their records and heard they ripped it up live so i had to go due to all of this nostalgia of punk and rock. after one song, they had amp trouble - both the bass player and the guitarist! then they got it going again and they hit some grooves that were slanted and jagged - especially the exceptional drummer and guitarist. the singer, well, lead singers and i have issues...i just have trouble with them and the theatrics, read, what else can i do but sing/yell. this guy held his own and the bass player was, well - he played very diligent and controlled but that was the last thing i wanted while hearing furious guitar playing. all in all, pissed jeans hit some targets and were very good however i'd like to see them one more time and ideally a house party would be fun. oh yeah, they played loud (love that!) and played for only slightly over a half hour (love, LOVE LOVE THAT!). i went outside of the sunset tavern and watched matthew eat two hot dogs and erin eat two veggie dogs. street food was discussed and i talked with a guy from germany. lovely evening. party with me punker.