Friday, June 01, 2007

stupid girl

neil. i love ya and i don't care that you make weird records like trans or are you passionate (wait, i kinda like both of those) or that you are such a weirdo. you are my 'go to guy' and just recently i was watching "rust never sleeps" for the kajillionth time and was still astonished! electric, acoustic and noisy and cantankerous, neil - you are one lovely man. i was not sure which neil lp to put up on this blog of mine and decided on the mighty zuma - download it here!

not too long ago cnik and i were listening to this and she said it felt like the music was if it was meant to put the listener in a trance. maybe, however i am not sure what that means yet after listening to 'cortez the killer' (over and over) with all the noodling, maybe she was onto something. that joint rocks in at over seven minutes but it moves at a pace that makes one think it goes on fact it fades out and yet lingers. i just remember listening to this album over and over when i was 15 and now thirty years later i am still doing the same! now its your turn! happy friday y'all.

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