Wednesday, June 20, 2007

if i didn't love you

after eating at maneki last night, i was listening to fountains of wayne with a pal and she asked me "who influenced these guys"?

that was a clever question only in that she already knew the answer and there is nothing like sarcasm after a deluge of japanese food. keeping the tongue firmly in cheek or close to, i told her squeeze appears to be a major influence and she did not know of such animal. ha ha - now who's older and wiser? not me, i am just older. so instead of playing squeeze, i just talked about other tangental things, laughter ensued and that is that. so today's download is one of those records everybody should own, ARGYBARGY!! what a funny record...sweet, romantic and sappy but damn it, exceptional songwriting to the point where i am going home to listen to it right now.

if i, if i, if i, didn't, didn't...

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