Thursday, June 21, 2007


i do not know much about this guy so when the seattle film festival (which finally ended this last sunday - phew!) had a documentary on this incredible filmmaker, i decided i best check it out. titled "still alive", this touching and effective doc talks to all the right people who went to school with kielslowski, was taught by kielslowski and who worked with kielslowski and done with all the right angles. never too overbearing or drenched with sentimentalitity, this documentary gave insight to one of the finest movie makers in the last half of the 20th century. i got more of an impression that kielslowski was doing things his way although he was never quite sure what way that was...instead, he just created what he was feeling instead of having his own imprint - he just went with his gut. i get that impression from his "color trilogy" and "the decalogue". the mark of his movie's seem to be clear with a more linear movie like "the double life of veronique" which i also love but do not have the same affection for the previous mentioned craziness. if you know me well enough i have pushed people to watch "the decalogue" and have received mixed results from "i hated it" to "we could not watch the entire thing...". still, i stand by k. kielslowski and believe his movies stand alone among many others.

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