Monday, June 18, 2007

lorna and henry

oh my - what a weekend. i want to say i wish it was still happening but i rather say this, i am glad it is over. i crammed way too much into it, ate too much great food, saw too many movies, and was on my couch and the floor of my apartment for close to four hours on saturday night. i am feeling it and coffee is almost helping. i really hope you all had a great weekend too with whatever you did. i wish i was in bed reading a magazine or watching a dvd of some mindless movie, talking trash about madrona moms and west seattle ice cream.

in keeping with my download freakout, the previous feist record - not the new one, is here for your pleasure download it here!

hey, seriously let it die.

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bksmag said...

I am looking at noodles and sesame seeds from where????