Friday, June 08, 2007

obvious #4

chatting away on instant message not too long ago, i recently thought of a song i hadn't thought about it quite a bit of time. i am not going to tell you which song but i will tell you the artist...prince. i have never hidden my love of the minneapolis manic but one thing that amazes me most about him is that although i don't love everything he does but i am always interested. and the man has some b-sides that are unbelievable that you know really must check out along with mixes and tons of mish mashed stuff. go to the comments portion of this blog entry for, here you go and there i go. the weekend is here!
CDs 1&2

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o.Sano said...

Prince ~ 12 Inch Archive

Disc 1
1. Just Another Sucker (Dance Mix)
2. If You FeelLike Dancin' (Dance Version)
3. If You Feel Like Dancin' (Dance Version)
4. If You Feel Like Dancin' (Radio Edit)
5. Just As Long As We're Together (Disco Mix)
6. Soft and Wet (Disco Mix)
7. Sexy Dancer (Long Version)
8. Gotta Stop (Messin About)
9. Let's Work (Dance Remix, Long Version)
10.How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore
11. Little Red Corvette (Dance Mix)
12. Horny Toad
13. Irresistable Bitch

Disc 2
1. 17 Days
2. Let's Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)
3. Erotic City (Make love not war)
4. God (Instrumental)
5. God (Vocal)
6. I Would Die 4 U (Extended Version)
7. Another Lonely Christmas

Disc 3
1. Paisley park (Remix)
2. Raspberry beret (New mix)
3. She's always in my hair (New mix)
4. Pop life (Extended version)
5. Pop Life (Fresh dance mix)
6. Hello
7. Hello (Fresh dance mix)
8. America
9. Girl

Disc 4
1. Kiss [Extended Version]
2. Love or $ (Extended Version)
3. Mountains (Extended Version)
4. Alexa De Paris (Extended Version)
5. Anotherloverholenyohead (Extended Version)
6. La la la He He Heee (Highly Explosive)
7. Shockadelica
8. U Got The Look (Long Look)
9. Housequake (7 Minutes Mo' Quake)

Disc 5
1. Hot Thing (Extended Remix)
2. Hot Thing (Dub)
3. Alphabet Street (This Is Not Music This Is A Trip)
4. Glam Slam (Remix)
5. Escape (Free Yo Mind From This Ratrace)
6. I Wish U Heaven (Part 1)
7. I Wish U Heaven (Part 2)
8. I Wish U Heaven (Part 3)
9. Scarlet pussy
10. Scarlet Pussy (Extended)
11. Feel U Up (Long Stroke)
12. If I Love U 2Nite

Disc 6
1. Gett Off (Damn Near 10 Minutes)
2. Gett Off (Thrust Mix)
3. Gett Off (Rosie's Dub)
4. 7 (After 6 Long Version)
5. Pink Cashmere (Remix)
6. Pope (Remix)
7. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Beautiful Extended Club Mix)
8. Beatiful Beats
9. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Brian's Mix)
10. Face Down (Acapella)
11. Face Down (Instrumental Money Mix)
12. Face Down (X-Tended Rap Money Mix)