Friday, June 15, 2007

what a wonderful man!

not too many years ago, about four or so, i met a woman who i took a liking to pretty damn quick. watching her take a tuna sandwich that was not hers for the taking had me captivated along with her crooked smile. still, ours was and remains a strange relationship as we pushed and pulled each other in every direction.

we tested each other, our limits and smarts. and just like the murakami novel, we seemed to be like satellites - going in opposite paths. hell, she even at one point moved to an island on the opposite side of the world...but i digress. yet to this day, we remain intertwined.

today we have a d/l of mmj "Z" and it's up for grabs. this same woman and i share the love of my.morning/jacket and now you can too. this, their latest record is one of the finest records to come out last year...i can't stop listening to it. live, these guys rock out so damn hard. i love 'em.

to nik.

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