Wednesday, June 13, 2007

see my friends

once in a smoke filled rage, i told someone who thought they knew everything about music that ray davies wrote better songs than that duo known as lennon-mccartney.

i stood by it and of course i was more trying to insight some kind of tension than make that exact point. still, i love them all and really, i don't want to say one is better than the other only because i actually find all three of these songwriters very different albeit from the same era. and sure, ray has been around for what seems forever, mark david chapman and the break-up of los beatles, blah, blah blah...well, i still cannot say enough great things about the first five kinks records. the second one, kinda kinks, i think is a masterpiece! every single song just bleeds british red blood all over the listener. ray davies' words just are so simple and so direct. god damn it, down load 'kinda kinks' here because you too must share the love. song titles in the comments...

kinda perfect

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o.Sano said...

1. Look For Me Baby Listen
2. Got My Feet On The Ground Listen
3. Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' Bout That Girl Listen
4. Naggin' Woman Listen
5. Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight Listen
6. Tired Of Waiting For You
7. Dancing In The Street
8. Don't Ever Change
9. Come On Now
10. So Long
11. You Shouldn't Be Sad
12. Something Better Beginning
13. Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
14. Who'll Be The Next In Line
15. Set Me Free
16. I Need You
17. See My Friends
18. Never Met A Girl Like You Before
19. Wait Till The Summer Come Along
20. Such A Shame
21. A Well Respected Man
22. Don't You Fret
23. I Go To Sleep (Unreleased Recording)