Friday, November 03, 2006

Bee See

don't be scared...that is peanut butter and it is cremeux peanut butter. ooh la la, it is not french peanut butter but canadian who for some reason (which we all know) have the audacity to have two languages spoken in their country...and let's hope it stays at two - cultural differences like, say, languages just seem to get in the way of progress. and i digress...for i am here to write about my recent trip to vancouver, canada. i mentioned some time ago i love it there - still do. i also wrote how i got some free canadian money and would spend it there - i did. lovely place. three friends and i went up there with the idea to just do tourist, stay at a nice hotel, see some sights and eat some more then head back. we accomplished it all...great are some high and lowlights.

this crazy indian place everybody (myself included) talks about eating at vij's is there and we went. or, kinda. one of us jumped out of the car at 5:42 to get our name in since they do not take reservations. we ended up sitting down at our table at 7:28. is it worth the wait, well - yes and no. yes, the food is that damn good but no because i personally hate to wait. i was lucky since lively conversation ensued along with an passing by snack in the form of an indian french fry/frite which were hot, spicy and delicious. i guess you all should go there but be prepared to wait. two of us were swarmy enough to eat a veggie hotdog on the street hours before...ha!

stanley park. lovely place even within the confines of ones car - our situation - and the pouring rain. yes, it rains in vancouver and it is quite forboding. nobody was really prepped for a rain walk so we drove and drove some more. not getting out, lowlight. it's hard to look at all that green and not want to jump out at it. next time, i rent a bike.

we shopped and i really wanted to get another hat. nope, ph got not one but two or wait, did she get three? either way, she made up for my desire but i am still with little hair and no hat.

why the peanut butter? we were all hungry upon our arrival in the city and headed over to sophie's cosmic cafe in kitsilano. well known, kitchy and just fine for a decent breakfast. and they have jam packets and pb packets as you see above. well, two overly made up and too much make up gurls are next to the four of us and they just must have been that much more hungry than us. these packets were opened and consumed...maybe three prior to the dishes they ordered arrived. now i cannot recall, did they use their fingers or did they use their spoons? either way, they dug in and we were the captive audience. highlight! and lowlight...

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