Friday, November 17, 2006

studio filled with sand, lsd and heartbreak - wouldn't it be nice!

i have a cassette player in my car but don't worry, i also have a five cd changer too. i listen to the cassette more if you include the time spent using it with my ipod adaptor. and i really wanna write about my ipod but i am already bored and so are you.

aren't you?

shuffle friends shuffle! shuffling songs on my ipoop is really where its at. oooh, john zorn, then aretha, maybe some kbd, maybe some ennio morricone...all are within reach however i let it just fly. i was doing that night before last and the song "i just wasn't made for these times" came on and i started to really freak out. god only knows (sorry, had to do it) i have heard that song a million and half times but this time i heard brian and his boys not from the beach sing and i was in a trance. "how dare you!" i yelled. where in hell does this music come from?!?! i'd be far from exaggerating to tell you i almost got in an accident...the car seemed to get out of control and started operating on its own. or, maybe - just maybe i lost control after hearing brian lose control.
shuffled. disheveled.


eddy merckx said...

iPod shuffle IS where it's at ... though mine tends to go something like this: john legend, kyuss, liars, eric sermon, wood brothers, nada surf, the walkmen, mobb deep, mastodon, [anything off the 'hotel costes' or 'hi-fidelity lounge' CDs], spoon, etc etc ...

CUNY Queen said...

the shuffle is like fate. you can't control it. a lot of the times when i stick those buds in my ear i think, what does she have instore for me today... and then she plays funny farm by dr. demento. yes, my ipod is a girl.