Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fearless Johnston or Daniel Freaks

day before yesterday was a rainy day. and it rained some more. still, i was up early and the red envelope containing "the devil and daniel johnston" was staring at me and i was peering back. i got it out and away i went on this amazing travel though the life of Daniel Johnston. being a fan on the slightest but most certainly aware level, i found the entire 1:50 minutes of this doc fascinating in many ways. which says a lot due to my not really liking bio pics (which this is not) and i just wasn't sure i was in the mood. still, tea was made and i was riveted. this poor soul of a man is like nobody else and sure there are some characters out there but mr. johnston has a certain naivete that goes though his eyes and his highly expressive face. tragic for sure yet hopeful in some way, i hope everybody can see this great doc. this movie also reminded me that i really like his art work too...with the exception of some staged shots, this was fantastic all around.
later that night i moved from my couch a little to the west and watched another documentary "the fearless freaks". this as you might now already know is about the flaming lips. this too was also quite good however it missed the deeper intimacy that "devil" had. i like the lips and now i like them more after seeing this expose on them - and the 20+ years they have been around. the viewer gets great insight to the Coyne family and the many brothers. fantastic where the name of the movie comes from too! and funny thing too, i think many people get the idea that Wayne Coyne is some kind of nut - like, cuckoo for cocoa puffs nut - but he comes off so together and really super sweet. his music can certainly be nutty and bent but he comes off more like the pied piper with all of us following him as he sings all bloodied or in a bubble surrounded by fur suited freaks. coyne seems like someone i'd love to have dinner with and talk about 'stuff' with...nothing special, just stuff. later that night i went home and pulled out "the soft bulletin" and listened to side 2 since that was the side i placed down w/o looking. it worked and worked well. finally the punk rockers are being documented in movies...!

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i know where west is, el gato.