Monday, November 06, 2006

(i know) it's only rock and roll (and i still like it)

wait a have never heard of the cold war kids? how's about division day? or what about tapes n tapes...they were so four months ago. well, listen away to kexp in our fair city of seattle, they will teach you and so will myspace if you must go there. and do so for this lofty site on the worldwideweb will allow you to see pictures of these tussled youths and even listen to these among countless other bands. it has changed...not things are changing, IT whatever it may be, has changed. and now more than ever IT seems easier to pay attention just as easy as it is to just ignore it all.

i used to not necessarily take pride in knowing somethings about contemporary rock but i seemed to have just lost caring or desire. yes, someone will try and tell me about something or someone - if i was not such a snob i'd really pay close attention too. i think t. "purple" hayes was the last person i know who would talk about new bands and i'd listen to him. this feat was largely due to his unbridled and lovely enthusiasm doubled with his incredible knowledge. yet now i am now so far removed with so many tools to my access as i mentioned above. i'd like to think this is because i am 44 but tis' far too easy of an explanation for someone who still listens to way more music then most and gets so much out of my current blasts with the past. furthermore, independent is a word which is tossed around hollywood when it comes to making movies and it seems to be misused or i just do not get the meaning any longer...and the same goes for music and possibly even more so. i go to for assistance and get nowhere or no, where? i don't know. is myspace defining independence? i have been pondering this for a smidge of time as of late and really, it all seems trivial when i know i will go home and listen to ornette coleman, led zeppelin, fairport convention or myself say what rev. lovejoy said on the simpsons, "this sounds like rock and/or roll".


Nat said...

Go home and Listen To Marvin Gaye " Whats Going on". Makes me Want to Holler!

Eddy Merckx said...

Everything eventually is co-opted ... except maybe for Fugazi. MySpace is not the new indie, nor is YouTube (but that gets pretty close) ... no, the true indie is getting off your ass and playing live. Until we have perfected cloning things other than mouse testies and goats (er ... sheep), playing live is still the most powerful, most effective, most dynamic, proven-beyong-a-resonable-doubt vehicle for promoting, selling, and enjoying music. Think I'm a dinosaur? Connect the dots between Butthole Surfers circa '85 and ... ok ,why pull any punches - ... Justin Timberlake and you'll prove yourself maladjusted in a NY second. Sounding good on CD/vinyl/whatever is only half the battle, as long as the war is with longevity and not fads.