Wednesday, December 20, 2006


vashti bunyan. who? vashti bunyan that's who. i was not sure who to listen to last night while eating stir fry with orange cat's bff so i threw on vashti bunyan's second *in thirty years* cd "lookafterring" and it was a perfect for the experience. joni came to mind which seems the only direction you need to go in. ok, wait - nick drake was tossed out there too...and true that. i mention this cd because i listen to so much loud music that sometimes when i have too much on my mind and just that perfect amount in my hands, going slow is the best for me. bunyan sings sweetly and without being too wispy or syrupy - go get this or the above first album by her "another diamond day"...i bet you like.

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Jay said...

Love "Just Another Diamond Day" - it's a really gorgeous folk record with interesting arrangements, breathy singing and clever lyrics. I found "Lookaftering" to be a little too precious and sooooo mellow. But maybe I need to mellow out.