Tuesday, December 05, 2006

what does that word mean?

my favorite street in seattle is yesler. i like the name, i like where it goes, i like the bus route (#27) and i like i like i like. yes to yesler! yesler houses two of my favorite places: rl's home of good bar-b-que and the samayra center . these fine yoga people are outstanding folks teaching and bringing health to many in the emerald city. hold on, back to yesler and the many changes.

continuing to like seattle can be challenging at best and with the many chnages, read, condos and what not - one must keep a stiff upper lip. this last summer i was out hitting some garage sales when i was on yesler and i saw one in the garage of a new development. two people sat inside, a man and a woman. she was wearing a kexp sweatshirt made to look like a kiss army logo (oh the irony!) and about 35ish while he was just about 40 or so...can't recall what he was wearing. still, they had a bunch of nonsensical garbage, as if they did not have the where with all to 're-gift' everything but instead decided to sell it at a garage sale. wonderful. soon i the protaganist begged some answers out of them and heard him use the "g" word - gentrification. i told him i did not know what that word meant...and kindly asked for a definition. more words like diversity, changes, black, white were spoken by them...i used words like, jewish, micronerd, japanese, foreigners (gasp) and before you know it, i have two new friends that don't like me. when people who are moving into the neighborhood they feel is being gentrified and call out about gentrification, it seems like a chicken/egg syndrome. what kind of emotion was going through the brains of my yesler neighbors during this conversation was unclear. an unspoken truce seemed to be called and i proceeded to go and swim at the lake.

above is a picture of the corner of jackson and 18th, one block south of the mighty yesler. that is the wonder bread (oh the irony pt. II) factory soon to be demolished for more condos and apartments - and a retail center. i am all about positive growth in our city but one must suspend hope to a certain degree when we can only wish for low income housing for the many who need a roof. next up, the goodwill on dearborn and rainer! change is good and good change is better. isn' t it?

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