Friday, December 01, 2006

everyday...not one day EVERYDAY

today is world AIDS day. today? every day is world aids day friends. i used to work many years ago at frederick and nelson in downtown seattle. f & n was a big old marshall fields department store and i look back at many aspects of that job fondly. the one thing i always reflect on was the best boss i ever had in my life, edward. what an exceptional person in every way. kind, gentle, caring, funny and downright good, he showed by example how to be. this was 1988 and my thoughts of edward still remain clear and vivid. i can still see him smile at everybody who he managed like he was your friend and made you feel very much like he cared. edward died of AIDS four years later which i found out by way of an ex coworker and to this day it brings me to unfathomable emotion.

today, there are about 40 million people living with HIV worldwide, and it is increasing in every region in the world. in africa, it is the leading cause of death -- 5,500 africans die each day from this insidious disease. every day is world AIDS day. we can work towards progress but we can only do it if we do it together.

thank you edward.

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