Friday, December 22, 2006

me versus me

coffee smells so good but is awful when it becomes part your breath. and i love coffee but have a weird thing about my breath being bad. i want to tell people i know that they have bad breath and sometimes i do, other times i just can't bring myself to do it. do my friends tell me when i have bad breath? betty does. i have another friend who i dine with now and again and he always tells me if i have some residual mustard from a sandwich on the face or something to that order with the silent finger pointing to his own upper lip. aren't we fortunate to have people like this in our lives? i think so but i am so unyielding when it comes to receiving other advice that i wonder how one differentiates between mustard, bad breath and everything else. i hear talk and talk and elicit conversations of all sorts but now i find myself thinking, if i have bad breathe - i tend to keep my mouth shut until i can brush my teeth or i stand at an appropriate distance to best suit my conversationalist. nowadays, i want to keep my mouth shut and i am realizing this prior to my opening and saying anything - how so new of me! and my blog will be taking a turn for that as i write about my favorite movies of the year, jesse paul miller, winters arrival, ferry rides to get a snack and how i want a cat and a dog and another cat. i talk too much but before i forget to mention i

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