Wednesday, February 07, 2007

i got headache in my lower back

here is a green onion pancake!

now, don't you feel better??
i do! oh dear readers...all four and half of you, i got writers block or maybe just indigestion but i have so much to write about but i can't seem to spit it out. but i will, oh yes, i will. soon i'll write about lt. watada (!!), this film is not yet rated, brunch at the kingfish cafe, factums, westside gat syl'dozer and der oranj frenz, making fun of people and the weirdo at the goodwill named doug - he's my new friend! oh yeah, and me being at the two different places at the same time.

until then, i love you all. ok, not you.

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N-Dog said...

I thought you loved me....