Thursday, February 01, 2007

talking with whee

i have no problem casting a huge net here and say that the uk has produced some of the worst bands in recent years, say, ten or so years. i am just not a fan of the wee sound or twee sound or knee or tree or whatever it is. the singers don't sing, they seem to whisper (hello albarn) and the music is just not there for me. when did this start exactly? i dunno and i don't think it is fair to say all uk music is awful but belle and sebastian among others just don't do it for me. these guys do! the mighty CLINIC!

i saw these guys about five or so years ago and they were fantastic! i don't really concentrate on the goofy surgical masks - a gimmick for sure - but the music speaks for itself and this new video is proof. freaky sounding and just aggressive enough to give you a slight jab, clinic put out another great record after kind of slipping on the winchester cathedral lp. i don't like the horrors, the artic monkeys and i will give the good, the bad and the queen a listen thanks to paul s. and tony a. in the band but until then, enjoy CLINIC!

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