Tuesday, February 27, 2007

girls will be girls and boys will be from phoenix

never in my many years of seeing bands did i ever run across something as strikingly original and challenging as the sun city girls. the only thing that comes close was seeing mark pauline at the contemporary temporary in la around 83, johanna went sometime in 81 or so...non and monitor were interesting for sure yet too arty for my then 20 year old tastebuds. the sun city girls are just a spectacle and a treat and frightening all at once...one of the last times i saw them perform was in tacoma at the java jive and they went from a free jazz freakout to 'natural high' by bloodstone - perfectly crooned with the falsetto voice not missing a note. after that, i recall them hitting all spots musically which words are difficult to describe however let it be known, my jaw was on the ground.

i recently learned the drummer charles gocher passed away last week after a long battle with cancer. i want to wish him and his family peace and thank him for pushing me to the limits on my musical knowledge.


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