Sunday, February 18, 2007

persistance wears down resistance

i just had a challege...i was about to start reading one my weekly magazines which arrived yesterday. no, not the decision between the new yorker or entertainment weekly (laugh with me people) but what to listen to while doing so. it was a battle between elo - because i love 'showdown', augustus pablo or sly and the family stone. winner: sly and the family stone but out of nowhere, right under the sly cd is "grotesque" by the fall. god, i can't read while listening to this distracting record and i am proving that right now by typing this dribble.

i feel old saying this but that might be because everybody i know is younger than me however this record brings back some pretty good memories. punk, er, whatever makes me feel old. listening to elton john or bowie should since i was listening to them when i was 12, not like the fall when i was 18. i was young at 12 and at 18, i was like i am now, a know-it-all who really barely knows a damn thing. worse but the fall remain. i saw them in brighton when i was 18, high on hashish and i still count that show as one of my favorites. delta five opened and damn it, this was pretty impressionable to a 18 who thinks he knows everything. mark e. smith scared me and still does. weirdest looking guy ever. i have a download for you if you want and here it is

yes, i really was thinking about listening to elo. saw them when i was 15 and did not have a clue.

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