Friday, February 09, 2007

well fitting levi

i push. i pull.
and an awful lot these days. this morning i wake up to say to the person closest to me "what's next?". i get no answer so instead i read primo levi and he takes me out of my head into the stratosphere.

in case you don't know, primo levi was born in turin, italy, in 1919, and trained as a chemist, was arrested during ww dos as a member of the anti-fascist resistance and deported to (member of the tribe) auschwitz in 1944. his experience in the death camp and his subsequent travels through eastern europe were the subject of powerful memoirs, fiction and incredible poetry which my dad told me about years ago - did i listen to him? kinda. kinda not. mr. levi died in turin in 1987. sometime this year, more of his writings are going to be published and i for one can't wait. his stuff always makes for perspective and reflection for me - or, a wake up call telling me to do it to it! i thought the green onion pancake was special AND IT IS, but this guy makes it all happen.

viva primo!

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