Monday, April 02, 2007

ask me ask me

another day of sunshine? sure, bring it on! and good thing for sb and i were signed up to do the photo scavenger hunt called shooting portobello sponsored by the nice folks who brought you the fall and mozzer's group in the 8t's. what a great concept and i was totally down so off we went after we had our clues emailed to us. sb was keen in figuring out the places whereas i gave some musical knowledge to assist but barely for the internets once again was our tool. we went to the hotel where alice cooper's snake had a bad time, we checked out where the entire side of a building had the mural completely dedicated to thom yorke's solo record "the eraser" and we also went to a building where the man with the midas touch designed. hell, i still have to take more fotos to complete this thing today! i will report back again dear friend once this mission is complete and fotos will follow.

after shooting and eating a falafel, i had to check out more of the flea part of portobello and found some records to look at...all too damned expensive and not that exciting. but i did have some great people watching, checked out some english vintage wear and sat in the sun reading about istanbul. all of that was nice but now it is time for some more, ahem, culture. so i am off to the british museum while sb goes to the gym...and good move - mind blowing. like the met in nyc, this behemouth is best tackled on a 'choose a room/era' and go check it out. i choose to go and check out the chinese room, then to this special exhibit on italian 20th century prints which were exceptional. one in particular struck me by georgio deChirico "ed ecco un gran drago" which translates to "and i saw a beast rise up from the sea". not so metaphysical but more something you'd see in some apocalyptical vision - this drawing was great!

sunday sun. sunday's son.

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