Friday, April 06, 2007

here comes an irregular

ever get the feeling you have been cheated? of course you have and that is an uneasy feeling for sure. in istanbul one must suspend a certain sense that you, or me to be exact, are a westerner. i mean, i hate the idea that we must separate one world from another and frankly, that is not what i am doing here however i get asked if i am spanish, japanese and even turkish during my time here. personally, i am kinda complimented but i say i am american, from the us.

today going to the spice market again was fun and just hitting the perfect amount of insanity. the next stop was to the right, to the turkish bathouse. for 54 turkish lira which currently hits about forty usd, you get time in the very hot steam room, a massage and a complete bath including a major scrub down. no, please don't go there - and i am talking to you bksmag - this was crazy good after a couple days of walking and checking out this phenomenal city. sb thinks it is at a crazier level than tijuana when it comes to the hawkers of goods but we both laugh at the entire debacle of being asked if we want a carpet or something else we never EVER would want. i like the turkish bath experience so much i think i am going to hit it again before i leave.

amigos mas ultimos pero hasta entonces, permanecen arriba no bajos y recuerdan que alguien le ama. laters!!

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