Tuesday, April 24, 2007


ever been to rehab? me neither but kinda. nevermind. the new wilco album "sky blue sky" is the plat du jour here and i have been listening to it for close to a month now. soon to be released i got a copy illegally (let's not act like that is not possible) and i am kind of enamored with this band who i like a lot but never seem to just put both feet down and just love. i got really close with everybody else's fave "yankfoxhotl" and deservedly, exquisite record for sure but sky blue sky seems to reach me in a different way. no bouncy, proficient yet wonderful production by o'rourke but a more stripped down, almost simple approach makes this lp just that much sweeter and effective. the song "hate it here" was playing in a coffee shop about a week ago and it sounded great amidst the coffee orders, grinding and just the usual ruckus one hears at a coffee joint. i already liked that song a lot yet hearing it and having to pay a little more attention to it, i found tweedy singing to me when he was singing the other soong "shake it off". shake it off! indeed!

great songs? you bet. slight and well written: definitely. yfh? no. smart? rhodes electric piano? good chops? check. check. check.

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