Tuesday, April 03, 2007

fred travalena!

today was such a sleepy day. it was grey and i took a long, long walk. yes, i got lost. so i hopped on a bus and took some photos from the top half. yes, i got lost again. i did not matter for i found a post office to send a letter.

and as much as i want to write about the ica and the wonderful peter seville pieces there or maybe i should write about the national gallery or even trafalgar square, i rather hit some old freaksauce and i mean the wonderful world of you tube again. in complete wtf tradition, here is jermaine jackson with two members of devo from some eighties show.

AND they are introduced by fred travalena! talk about a has been who never was...

heathrow is an early call tomorrow and then i land in istanbul. i am off to bed and then let's see if i can post more nonsense but i promise no more of this junk.

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