Wednesday, April 18, 2007

nah x2

memories of good and bad can be difficult. and today i believe is a day which i cannot seem to remember if an incident, the worst day and best day of my life, happened or not. i recall many details but the exact day remains unclear. i was working at the metropolitan towers as a temp. i received a call from my agency and they in turn asked me to return a call to my friend betty in to cut a long story short, she told me my mother had died. i probably told you the story on how she found out and then called me - which is detailed and strange for sure so i won't get into that. back to memories...this is such a blur. i don't know what day betty called me and worse yet, i don't know the day my mother died. all i knew was that she was dead and i felt it. and i still do. i consider today the anniversary of my mothers death and i am posting this thought..."don't wait!". don't wait to tell your parents anything that you have been wanting to say. good stuff would be nice but damn it, this is a selfish move i am requesting so say whatever you must but say it! and let's not just keep this to parents, say it all to your friends, sisters, brothers and dogs and cats. say it all people because if you don't and things change - like say, death, your chances are mighty slim unless you believe in something i just don't.

if my mother was alive she would be simultaneously pissed off and happy i wrote this. pissed because it was about her but pleased knowing that what i ask of you is the shit. period.

thanks to rn, mp and eas! for my memory does serve me properly and they met up with me on this very day six years ago and that means a lot.

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